About Us

What We Do

MERSC offers Minnesota companies Memberships that provide discount opportunities to employees and businesses.

Associate Memberships are a yearly membership that gives companies the opportunity to provide a specific MERSC only discount. This discount can only be used by MERSC Organizational Members.

Organizational Memberships are yearly memberships that provide employees of a business the opportunity to use discounts for many different services, retail and events.

Our Commitment

To provide excellent service and top quality discounts to the MERSC memberships.  We are committed to being the strongest discount program in the state of Minnesota offering programs, services and discounts that enhance employee services.

Our History

The original MERSC (Minnesota Employee Recreation & Services Council)  was founded in 1980 to bring together representatives from corporations, businesses, governmental organizations and employee recreation associations to exchange knowledge, expertise and ideas.  The new MERSC (Minnesota Employee Resource Service Company) purchased in 2018 is focused on maintaining, improving and growing the strong discount program that has been built upon over the past almost three decades.

Original Founders of MERSC:

  • Ralph Ferrara, former Manager of Employee Services, General Mills, Inc.
  • Robert Crunstedt, former Executive Director, Honeywell Employee Club
  • Edward Bruno, former Executive Director, 3M Employee Club