ChristieLegal LLC

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Suite 250
Woodbury, MN 55125

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The mission of Christie Lea Thompson, divorce and custody mediator and paralegal, as ChristieLegal, LLC, is to help folks who have a divorce or child custody case in Minnesota courts through the court process in a collaborative and affordable way that will improve the lives of her clients and, if applicable, their child(ren) by educating them about their options for resolving those legal issues and helping them resolve their legal issues in a less conflictual way by encouraging the parties to negotiate and in a less costly way by charging them about 125% less per hour than them both hiring the average attorney and battling it out and working with them for fewer hours than both parties would work with their attorneys.

MERSC Program:

  • MERSC members receive a 10% discount on ChristieLegal’s mediation services and mediation and paralegal services for a joint divorce or custody agreement.

To take advantage of this offer please contact Christie at 651-775-7899 or [email protected]. Must mention MERSC affiliation upon first contact.