Locations to which MERSC offer applies:
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Mathnasium — your neighborhood math-only learning center — teaches kids math the way that makes sense to them. Our experienced math tutors utilize our proprietary teaching materials and techniques, The Mathnasium Method™, to deliver a customized learning plan designed to address each student’s needs, whether they started out far behind or are already ahead in math. With curriculum for elementary school through high school math, our instruction approach goes beyond traditional math tutoring to develop understanding and build a love for math. And our results are amazing! 85% of parents report an improvement in their child’s attitude toward math. And 88% of students see improvement in their school math grades – most improving by 25-45% on in-center assessments in as little as 4-6 months and leaping ahead 2 or more grade levels every 12 months.


MERSC Program 2019

Free Assessment + Registration with enrollment commitment of 6 or more months in any of our regular Mathnasium Power Math Workout Programs. (Average attendance of two or more 60-minute lessons per week.)

This offer is available to MERSC member company employees and their immediate and extended family members (children, grandchildren, siblings and/or their children). Offer is available only for students not currently or previously enrolled in a regular Mathnasium program. One offer per eligible student.

Prior to enrolling print and bring a copy of the Mathnasium Free Assessment + Registration coupon to any one of the participating Mathnasium Learning Center locations. Also bring proof of affiliation with the MERSC member company and employee.