Metro Dining Club

7200 80th St S Suite 26
Cottage Grove MN 55016

Tish Johnson
Fax: 651-459-9431

The Twin Cities #1 Monthly Dining Club

MERSC Program:

  • $5 off per set of Metro Dining Club cards

2 for 1 dining cards, each valid 12 times per year.

MERSC Program:

Two programs available:

Spring Program – valid thru May 31, 2021
$25.00 per set (retail $30)
Anoka / Northwest

Fall Program – valid thru Oct 31, 2021
$25.00 per set (retail $30)
St. Paul/Western WI
South of the River

Means of accessing discount: Companies may take the programs on consignment at a wholesale price and pass the savings on to their employees. Programs may also be used as fundraising projects. Sales materials are provided free of charge. Example—flyers and menu guides. Employees benefit by receiving multiple discounts at each participating restaurant throughout the year. No minimum sale is required and all card sets not sold can be returned for full credit.